The Pros and Cons of Silk Flowers for Weddings

The flowers are one of the most important design features of a wedding. They will decorate the church, be used to create the centerpieces, and be carried in the bouquets. With so many brides opting to do their own floral arrangements these days, they often wonder if silk flowers could be a viable alternative to fresh blossoms. To help you decide, learn about the pros and cons of using silk flowers for weddings.

Pro: Silk floral arrangements can be made well in advance. It can be a huge relief to the DIY bride to know that the bouquets, centerpieces, and ceremony decorations are all done weeks or even months before the big day. There is no last minute scramble to arrange hundreds of flowers the day before the wedding hoa khai truong. You also know just what you are getting with silk flowers, so there is no worry that they will show up the day before your wedding wilted or in the wrong shade of pink.

Con: Silk flowers often look fake. Truth be told, there are a lot of cheap looking fabric flowers out there. And the bad ones can look really bad. Even the high quality silks can be easily distinguished from real blossoms by a lot of people. It also depends on your guests. Some people think nice fabric flowers are just as elegant as real ones, but in some circles, fake flowers are considered to be the height of tackiness.

Pro: Silk bridal bouquets can be saved as a wedding keepsake. If you design a beautiful silk floral bouquet that you absolutely love, you can save it forever. Even with careful preservation, no bouquet made from fresh flowers will last that long. For sentimental brides, this can be a real upside to using fabric blossoms. The long term nature of silk bouquets is also nice if you decided to decorate your bouquet with pearls to match your bridal jewelry or other special details, as you can keep the whole bouquet intact to display.

Con: Silk flowers can get expensive. Brides often turn to silks with the idea that they will be more economical than fresh flowers, but that is not always the case. High quality fabric blossoms can sometimes be more expensive than some of the more affordable varieties of fresh cut flowers, especially when the real blossoms are ordered online or from a discount club. Of course, if you have your heart set on a very pricey flower like orchids, the silks are going to be less expensive than the fresh ones. The best way to find great prices on silk flowers is to shop end of season clearance sales at craft shops. Just be sure that you are there on the first morning of the sale so you can get the quantity you need to do the arrangements for your entire wedding.

Pro: You can use your favorite flowers out of season. With silk flowers, you are not limited to using the varieties which are in season. If you want to carry blue hydrangeas to match your blue crystal bridal jewelry in December, you can do it. Just plan ahead, as stores will be more likely to carry silks which are season; if you want summer flowers, you might need to purchase them in the summer and save them until your winter wedding.

Con: Choices for silk blossoms may be limited. While choosing silks gives you the option of using out of season flowers, you may find that the varieties available are more limited than for fresh cut flowers. Most stores will only carry the fabric versions of the most popular flowers, so if you want something more unique, you will probably have to go with fresh flowers.

In the end, the decision between fresh or silk flowers comes down to what works best for your wedding style, budget, and personal taste.

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